February 2nd, 2009


Candy has a fantasy of hooking up in a sexy swinging group orgy. She has a girlfriend who she wants to get busy with first as they start kissing. The girl goes down on Candy’s pussy and then starts fucking her with a vibrator. She has an orgasm and then returns the favor by playing with her friend. Her friend puts on a strapon and starts fucking Candy from behind while all the men in the room watch. Eventually the guys join in and Candy is taking one of them doggy style as she swallows another in her mouth. It’s an orgy of bodies as Candy and her friend share all of these cocks together. The ladies service the men until they finally take a cumshot on their naked bodies.

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January 14th, 2009


Victoria Valentino is in her kitchen and she soon lets a repairman into fix her walls. He doesn’t get much done before they’re chatting and he’s pulling the strings of her dress loose to expose her huge tits. Before long his pants are down, her dress is off, and she’s sucking his long, hard cock. After a bit he has her bent over and is fucking her pussy good and hard. They fuck in several different positions, his huge cock ramming in and out of her, before he finishes in her mouth.

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December 17th, 2008


Real amateurs grab their camera and start filming a 3 some with a mature with some big ol tits. Nice shaved pussy being pounded on HomeGrownVideo.

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December 4th, 2008


Horny amateur couple decides to film their first fuck in their new house. A nice round ass, a hard dick, and a camera leads to a fun fuck for all to enjoy. HomeGrownVideo has tons of real amateurs who love to fuck on camera for all to watch, check it out for yourself. Continue to HomeGrownVideo

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November 20th, 2008


Heather is out on a boat in the ocean, and she’s dipping her toes in the water. She’s feeling a bit frisky and is looking for some cock to play with. She gets topless and catches a few little fish in a net. She rubs baby oil all over her average sized titties. She gets completely naked and proceeds to rub baby oil all over her body. She’s laying out in the sunshine and feeling quite slippery as she’s all slicked up. She rubs her shaved pussy for a bit with a fishing reel and then she finally gets a cock to play with. She rubs some oil on his big cock and strokes him until he’s fully erect. She slides her hands up and down his shaft, even sitting on top of him as she pumps his meat. Then he finally drops his wad all over her hot tits.

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November 14th, 2008

Damn these amateurs are starting to get nice and down on just about anything thrown at them.Open up and swallow this large shot of this warm load. Best thing is she does just that, but with a smile and grabbing up every last drop, more and more of these amateurs are at HomeGrown, check it out now!!


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November 13th, 2008
1. Utilize a camera you’re comfy with.
You don’t need to have any expensive camera gear. You will be able to do this with an automatic, manual, digital, Polaroid or disposable camera. Use any camera you are comfortable with so you do not have to worry about the technical aspects on top of everything else.
2. Digital & Polaroid Cameras are a great way to secure secrecy.
In addition to the technical advantages of a digital camera, the main plus is secrecy. It isn’t suggested to bring erotic pics to a photo-finishing store unless you have checked out with them ahead of time.
3. A lot of photo stores that work with professional photographers and artists are comfortable processing erotic images.
Whenever you do not know the store well, you could run into problems with duplicate copies being created without your knowledge or an overzealous employee or owner calling in the authorities (depending, of course, on the content of the photos).
4. Plan beforehand, and plan jointly.
Whether this is with a partner, lover or a friend, spend some time designing out the photo shoot. Inquire one another about questions like who will be taking the photos and who will be posing. Determine what parts of the body the individual modeling genuinely loves and what parts they may not wish to see in the pics. Partake in ideas about clothing and props you may like to use. Look at books of erotic photos together or explore online for websites with artistic nudes.
5. Look at a Model Release form.
Even when shooting friends, partners or lovers, situations and people’s memories could alter overtime. A form may help structure a conversation about expectations and will guarantee trust and confidence around the experience. Outline the terms of the photo shoot with the name of photographer, date, what the photos will be used for, any payment (e.g. an 8×10 print or breakfast in bed), and then finally, a signature from the person who is modeling.

6. Setting the mood.
This is the fun part of the shoot. Choose a variety of lighting to experiment with, burn some incense and put on some sexy music to set the scene. Turn off the phone and give yourself a few hours with your partner, lover or friend to explore your fantasies with a camera.
7. Begin with one idea.
You may have built up numerous scenarios or ideas during the planning stage. Lay out the various props and clothing that you would like to play with and start with one idea. Avoid moving quickly from one idea to the next, give each idea time to take hold, and if it isn’t working, then move on.
8. Consider your models comfort level.
Sometimes, it is nice to start off with more clothes on and then have the person modeling, slowly undress throughout the photo shoot. If they have never done this before, it can feel comfortable to do it in stages.
9. Don’t feel like you need to be static.
Many of us have an image of photography as people sitting very still. Forget that cliché. The model can try out different poses, sitting, lying down, standing up, leaning, crouching, and moving their body in different ways that feels comfortable for them. The photographer can also move around them to take photos from different angles and perspectives.
10. Debrief after the shoot.
After the photo shoot, you can view the images together and share the parts that you love and the parts you might want to do differently next time. If a photo doesn’t come out the way you wanted it to, just make a note of what you did and you can try something new next time.
11. Journal your experiences.
Some people like to keep journals of their experience. If it’s possible to journal right after the photo shoot, you may remember things that you’ll forget by the time you meet up with the model. Pay as much attention to what felt right as to the things you think you “did” right. Remember there is no right or wrong way to take erotic photos. It is all about experimenting and exploring your desires and creativity with someone else.

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November 12th, 2008

Filling her up with a nice warm load of man juice in this amateur home video. A nice pounding from the back, to a all baby batter bath inside that hot amateur pussy. This is what we like to call a great user submitted amateur video sent in to Homegrown.

The sound of that pussy being pounded from the back, the moans from deep within and a nut is what this is all about, thats what im talking about, creampies for everyone!

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November 11th, 2008


Andrea and Tyler bring us a very nice amateur lesbian video, who doesnt like watching 2 hot ass girls make out, then roll into a full blown fuck with every toy they can get their hands on, and to top it off real amateurs who just love for you to watch, come on fuck best thing since sliced bread, Homegrown knows whats up and offers you, them, whoever a chance to post their own sex vids and get paid for um, check out Homegrown now to see others sex tapes or to pawn yours off today!!!

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